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High Tensile Electric Fencing

High Tensile or "New Zealand" fencing is both an economical and effective way to contain livestock. Individual strands of high tensile wire, electrified or not, can be installed in configurations from 3 to 10 strands. 5 or 6 strand, with 2 or 3 wires electrified, is most popular for cattle. 

All wood posts are typically used on 16 or 20' centers. T-posts should be avoided in an electric fence application due to the risk of shorting out the fence.

High tensile electric fence does require more maintenance than other fence types. Grass, weeds, and other brush will need to be kept trimmed off the fence to prevent drawing down the electrical charge. Inline tensioners installed in the fence may periodically need to be tightened to prevent sagging of the wire.   
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